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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
Not quite what I meant.

This is stinking of a scam.. the pictures on their website are googled, The pictres they provided as "Proof" are googled...

Their finished products are WAY too high detail to be resin casts...

Just make sure you have a cell handy when you don't receive what you payed for.
Dude, I'm gonna remember exactly what you're saying, so if this turns out to be legit (which I suspect it is, because what scam artist in their right mind would actually bother to A: sign up on a forum and B: remain in contact on the forum even though he's being given boatloads of verbal crap by people like you? No frauds gonna bother actually remaining on the thread after the first round of "You're a fraud, I hate you, burn in hell, your pics suck, nobody buy from this, you people buying just want the cheapest way to getting guns.") There is no way in HELL you're gonna live it down if you buy one of these guns and I get wind of it.
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