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I have been shipping airsoft stuff via CP since 2001, and only once have had a problem...

I shipped someone out west a M4 slither stock, 3 weeks later they still hadnt gotten it but CP wouldnt honour the insurance saying it was still being delivered so I reimbursed the guy from my own pocket...something like 6 months later he got it and sent me back my money.. other than that i have shipped easily 100 or more packages with express post and priority with no issue.. i find they run like clockwork... i can usually tell someone when they will get a package down to the day... on occasion the time of day depending where they live and the time of year...

If you dont want to deal with CP... next best option is by far FedEx... never had a bad experience with them... UPS are bitchy to deal with... purolater breaks EVERYTHING... and DHL i find to be unreliable at best (they like to claim they tried to deliver things when they didnt...similar to CP... but at least CP offices are more convenient)

If you pay someone and its been a couple weeks and you havent gotten it...(provided you used a tracked, and expedited shipping method) they should be paying you back even if its from thier own pocket...with the assumption that if the package shows up you will return it to them or pay them back the money as you would now have your parcel...
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