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I shipped a tacbelt to BC to one of the guys who bought it from me. After about a few weeks, i got a MSN msg from my client who had purchased it stating it had not arrived yet and that the Tracking # stated only "Item Received at CP"

It was missing all the other posts like "Item accepted into Sorting Plant" "Item out for Delivery" etc etc.

I immediately called CP to figure out whats going on and to try to correct the problem. The person on the line told me they cant launch an investigation untill so many business days etc etc. They also told me that the shipment stops during weekends etc. Apparently CP Airplanes can now Hover in one spot for the weekend and then continue on monday morning. After 3 weeks (and yes i know its not as bad as some of your experiences) The package finally arrived with a note taped to it saying "sorry for the delay."

Ive also had a Taclite get sent back "Because of Customs" to Hong Kong. I had waited almost 2 months for it. But According to the Tracking, It only took 1 Week to arrive in canada. After calling CP They had said that It was Refused because of customs and started accusing me of smuggling goods. I told her that When Customs Decides a G&P R500 Taclite is considered a firearm, then maybe she might have something. The CP Representative was Rude from the beginning, and had sent me to Canada Customs and told me to give them the tracking # to try and figure it out (which makes no sense because why would customs have records of your tracking #). Customs had informed me that they had nothing to do with the package, and that it was even impossible to enter tracking #s into their computer. After Calling CP again i was informed that the package was now sent back to Honk Kong because of an Incomplete Senders Address, not from customs violation, though the SAME Package was sent back to me and cleared and shipped to me within 1 week after it arrived back in hong kong. They are Inconsistant, Extremely expensive when it comes to anything bigger than a few inches or weighs more than a pound.

My dad had Gold Heirloom necklaces stolen by CP that was in my family for over 8 Generations. CP Refused to pay the Insurance for it and to this day, have not done anything about it.

Overall, CP is absoloutely Horrid for sending anything valuable. Unfortunately we dont really have any choice in that matter. For smaller parts or even large packages, Fed ex, UPS, purolator etc etc charges almost 2x as much (though they are much faster and reliable). Unless my clients are willing to pay 2x for the shipping, im forced to use CP to send my products out. But id never send a Gun, Jewelery, anything valuable via CP, they CANT be trusted.
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