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Originally Posted by ancorp View Post
Yay, I'm popular. Call me Alex.

Seriously though, I am not worried about this at all. I suggest everyone here thats trying to figure out whether this is a "scam" or not, stops talking and waits for results instead of speculating. Starting a business is hard, stop bitching. I know there have been scams here in the past, but just relax for now, I will keep you guys updated throughout.

So far, they have excellent communication, reasonable responses to my "suspicious" question, and are giving me an awesome deal. The only problem is the pictures posted earlier, and the fact that their photos of their finished models look more real then anything I've seen yet. There is no reason why they can't in fact do such a good job of making models. Adam told me they do a lot more finishing work then Cushman.

Thus, I'm not worried. If I don't get my Thompson, at least this debate will be over.

Some of you guys are really giving them a hard time. Back off, there have not been any transactions yet.

+1. I'm willing to give these guys the benefit of the doubt at the moment. All I know is that if they are perfectly legit and Alex posts a good review of his replica, these guys are probably going to get more than enough business to make up for the sketpicism on ASC.

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