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They shouldn't waste their time on photos of that sort, they're just starting up their website and we should wait for a review of their product(s) before asking them to post high quality photos on their website.

However, for those who don't want to wait for a review, an up to date image of the finished product (or even the unfinished product) would help them in deciding whether they should choose to purchase the product or not. Low-quality pictures, taken by someone other than yourself, but used on your website is understandable; but not all may share this understanding. Guns that are being sold for $400-500 less than stock AEG's, and $700+ less than their WWII airsoft counter-parts leaves consumers with only your word to trust. They're even half the price of some Chinese made AEG's, so it should be understandable that there is some frustration on how the company was introduced to ASC.

Still though, patience is needed by all on this forum if this company is to make it off the ground. My views have changed overnight, and I'm anxious to hear from ancorp about his purchase.
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