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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
Prove it.

Take a picture of one of your high detail complete models next to a piece of paper that says "THIS IS REAL ASC, with today's date" and with a drinking glass (Just so you can't photoshop the peice of paper in.. Glass is hard to photo shop into things )

If you do that, I'll PM you an apology
Is it really neccessary to ask them to jump through all these hoops and take pretty pictures next to today's newspaper just to prove that they have an actual product?

Instead of making them waste their time by trying to defend themselves here, why not let them finish some products and ship it out to those who ordered? A review by a customer with an actual product in their hands is worth more than a picture of a gun with a glass of water.

I certainly believe that the introduction of this company and the products they have to offer could have been done differently, particularly in regards to the aforementioned pictures and a better explaination of their products (ie. plastic shells ordered from Cushman). However, I'm still optimistic about the arrival of a larger variety of WW2 airsoft guns for a decent price.
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