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Originally Posted by moderatesniper View Post
Do you mean to say that this (WWII Gun Armory) website is fake?


Creation Date: 19-jun-2007
Expiration Date: 19-jun-2008

Rather new...

More Stuff (In case of fraud - Will Remove if site is legit, PM me to remind me):

Administrative Contact:
Ignition Inc.
Adam Beer *******
2194 Pear Tree Lane
Tel. +905.3192671


Cogeco Cable Canada Inc.
950 Syscon Road
Burlington ON L7R 4M6 Canada

Note: All of this is freely available on the web, you just have to look hard

On the other hand

Giving out as much personal information on the website as he/they do, would be kind of stupid if he was just going to jump ship with your money. It's a fair bet that it is legit, but just in case I've posted the info above. Not for beating the crap out of someone, but for legal issues that can be settled in a civil court of law
Not quite what I meant.

This is stinking of a scam.. the pictures on their website are googled, The pictres they provided as "Proof" are googled...

Their finished products are WAY too high detail to be resin casts...

Just make sure you have a cell handy when you don't receive what you payed for.
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