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The closest I've got to PH was off Spratly Is. when I was based at the TLDM base in Kota Kinabalu. Does that count? Hope to see you in some of our games in Edmonton.

Say, can we get you to "bring" some of your 400+fps airsoft guns to Edmonton??? I know a few people who will be interested in buying them. ;-)
Great Filipino greeting Im flattered... Mabuti po naman (Im fine tnhank you)

How I wish i can bring one or two of my best AEgs so i can play my best thereat and probably leave it to a nice buyer... however, your customs laws might not allow it..

At any rate, I hope you can provide me with game sched and site locations in Edmonton so i can mark my calendar and plan ahead...

this is my email add maybe we can exchange airsoft notes and probably i can find a way to export our upgraded AEGs thereat...

Again Tnx!
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