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Originally Posted by VipaMave View Post
In my honest opinion, people who get a GBB as their first or only gun often get it for all of the wrong reasons (Plink targets in back yard, carry around to intimidate people, pretend its a real gun, etc.) Lots of kids toting around airsoft pistols in my area (Markham, near Pacific Mall...) pretending they are the real deal.

You can't really game with just a GBB. If you're sincerely interested in the sport, you'd pick up an AEG of some sort.

Not saying that he's going to mis-use it, just throwing the idea out into the open.
I don't think that is True at all, In fact many of the people who got their start into airsoft at TTAC3 in Toronto... (I stopped counting after 100 new first timers ) started out with a pistol and 2 mags... which is all you need to play indoors... many caught the bug with no more initial investment than a paintball mask, a pistol and 2 mags... total cost less than $400 .. and a lot of those have gone on to buy a lot of guns and gear after they knew that they enjoyed the activity and could justfy the expense..

The bar does not have to be all that high to get started.. Although I agree that it is not really practical to play outdoors with a pistol...
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