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Originally Posted by Droc View Post
the price difference between CP and places like FEDex and others isnt that much at times.
I remember I had to ship an old 50lb CRT monitor to southern ontario. CP was going to charge me $85 for 8 days delivery.
Fedex was 2 days and $55.
For larger heavier items across Canada to most places, CanPar is your best bet-
especially if you want tracking. They are a little slower. but very reliable.

Beware of UPS. Insurance only covers you if your shipment doesn't arrive.
If you package it yourself and insure it, even if it arrives smashed all to hell, UPS will not reimburse you. Their agents must package it for you (and charge and arm and a leg may I add) to collect anything on insurance.
I learned this the hard way.
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