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Yeah, but you see, although its a good way to "try" to get away from minors, the ASC system is for ASC, no store is obligated to use it.
Maybe this should be looked into? Is there a way we could try to make it necessary to check age verification through a registered site? Just a thought...

We have been taken for rides in the past, and as such remain skeptical. This can easily be validated by having an ASC member have a look at the product - hell, I'd be happy to have a look at them myself.
I asked about picking up my order and he wouldn't allow it... made me skeptical.

They could be the kindest church going people in the world, but take the risk of screwing up the sport I play and have invested tens of thousands of dollars into. In order to make a quick buck off of me and, all of you out there that I consider friends in this sport, well I'll do what I can do shut you down if I hear or catch you doing so.
Now I haven't invested as much as this, I am new to this sport... (my boyfriend, Hectic, enjoys it so I thought I would give it a try and I love it) and I believe we need to implement some sort of way of ensuring that the AEG's don't land in the wrong hands.

If I were a parent, I would be wanting to know what my child needs me to buy this for him. If I knew my child was well behaved, and respected the rules and was using it for the sport, I would more than likely buy it, but it would be treated as a gun. Now if my child had been arrested, or had a violent temper, sometimes these things can't be helped, I might not be so prone to buy it. I guess my point there was -18, depends on responsible parents.
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