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Originally Posted by Orvis View Post
The prices are listed for both non-working replicas and the airsoft versions.
All under $200.00.

Now I have figured it allout was looking the website with all the armor and shit and completely missed the ww2airsoft site. Not a huge difference between model and AEG.

Now in all fairness if they can produce a good AEG at those prices and they work, they better get prepared to make a lot of them, those German Mgs are making drool, hell imagine someone breaks into your house and you great them with one of those in your hands..feeling lucky punk? well are you? It'll have to be used as a club if he calls my bluff :P

Heck of a concept, I hope for them they can really pull this off as I think there is a market for it, I wouldnt mind some of their products and the rest of the ASC group will likely buy and upgrade the snot out of them anyways!

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