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Personally, I am extremely dubious about what this company is depicting in their pictures as the actual items they are selling.
First. Take the MP44 for example. The picture of the so called finished product sent to ancorp, to me, looks like an actual real steel or high quality, highly detailed replica of a MP44 right down to the bolt, tombstone pins in the receiver, and the scratches from the safety. They have conceded that there is metal in these models shown, but the whole rifle with exception of the stock looks to be all metal. Yet, in the picture on the webpage, it looks like a resin replica. From further research, I found this site with the same picture of the MP44 resin replica on it.
Are these the actual models they are selling or are they the ones from the pictures sent to ancorp because if so they are misrepresenting the product being sold.

2nd. A company is actually able to take 2 halves of a vacuformed plastic shell and turn it into a highly detailed, working AEG, and sell them for less than $200.00 dollars? Sorry, but that seems way to good to be true.

Would the owners of this company be willing to invite a local ASC member to actually see and use one of their product to prove me wrong?

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