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VISITING AIRSOFTER IN EDMONTON - I need Help - Where can i play?

Hi Everyone!

Im Yvan Pagulayan, aka GOLDENCORPS86, 43 yrs of age from the Philippines, a Filipino and an avid Airsoft player here in my home country... Iam a regular member of Team Apocalypse ( visit our site to know more abt airsoft in my airsoft community and country...

Anyway, Iam scheduled for a business trip at Edmonton Alberta from July 8 to August 8 2007.

May I ask of any information where can i meet fellow airsofters in Edmonton. I would appreciate so much any information:

Teams, individuals and their gamesite location and game schedules
Contact numbers and Address

Filipino Candian Airsofters in Edmonton
names. contact numbers
gun rentals etc

It is always an airsofters dream to play in other sites and most specially in foreign soil...

Thank you very much!

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