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Originally Posted by blade1220 View Post
Hehe yeah...a Thompson too. Well about the age thing, were going to trust our customers on that one. There isnt much we can do.
Well you can ask to see ID and verify ones age, and if you dont feel a person is of age or wishes not to show you ID you can then refuse to sell to said person.

You might not think much about up holding the 18+ rules and in Ontario Laws regarding the sale of Airsoft, but most of us do.

Sitting back and saying Meh who gives a damn, I'll trust that person on the phone who sounds just like my 8 year old brother who says he's 18. There have been several retailers who have gone your route in the past, you might not be aware but they are not around anymore. Some of them received visits from Customs, others visits from the police. The rest when they saw what was going on decided to close up shop before they were raided. But its your $$ have fun.
Saskatchewan Age Verifier! Contact for more Info.

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