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Did a little investigating of my own for ASC...

They claim the picture is of THEIR gun as well. Great legitimacy.

(11:16 AM) (b)@dam(b): can I help you?
(11:17 AM) VipaMave: hi, are you affiliated with the site ?
(11:17 AM) (b)@dam(b): yes
(11:17 AM) VipaMave: Do you have any pictures of the guns you produce?
(11:17 AM) (b)@dam(b): what gun are you interested in?
(11:17 AM) VipaMave: the BAR one
(11:18 AM) (b)@dam(b): we dont have any pictures of the BAR right now
(11:18 AM) VipaMave: oh
(11:18 AM) VipaMave: what about the picture for the ad?
(11:18 AM) VipaMave: is that a picture you took of the gun?
(11:18 AM) VipaMave: or does it look different
(11:19 AM) (b)@dam(b): thats the picture
(11:19 AM) (b)@dam(b): the bipod is not included though
(11:19 AM) VipaMave: oh
(11:20 AM) VipaMave: so where is the picture from then?
(11:20 AM) VipaMave: is it a photograph you guys took of the gun?

(11:20 AM) (b)@dam(b): yes
(11:20 AM) VipaMave: ok just checking
(11:20 AM) (b)@dam(b): thats all we have right now
(11:20 AM) VipaMave: thanks for your time
(11:21 AM) (b)@dam(b): everything we originaly has was bought out
(11:21 AM) (b)@dam(b): no problem
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