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Originally Posted by VipaMave View Post
I hope you don't need that $95 you just gave them.

More than likely this site is a scam to steal your money. If you're lucky they'll at least send you a piece of garbage.

But anyways, heres some food for thought:

Scroll down the page--does the picture look familiar?

More below... (This is the same picture on their site, except they cut it out of the green background) (This is the TM thompson... rofl)

WTF are u talking about? If they are a scam, wouldnt they try to sell more popular guns? If they are a scam, would they claim their guns are plastic, not metal/wood SHOEI guns? Do you know what form of payment he made (most online are traceable)? Notice the e-mail address? Also another method of tracking someone down. No need for jumping to conclusions

We also dont care if they suck cause most of the WW2 ones released to date have been crappy and expensive (TOP) so these are at least cheap

My old buy & sell ratings:

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