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Greetings Everyone

Im not an Airsofter, but myself and some of the guys on my forum do employ them in our Escape and Evasion Survival trainining, and its becoming the normal SOP a good portion of the time. So Im here to gather some intel on weapons and talk about gear from time to time...Im not into impressions or anything of the sort, but I will post pictures of the British gear I use. Its my favoret and, IMO some of the best in the world. (though thats an uneducated statements since I have never tested every piece of kit on the planet)..In a nut shell DPM and british gear work for me for what I need it for..Im also a huge fan of the SA80 and would like to get my hands on a good used metal replica airsoft SA80 (doesnt even have to fire). Again not for an impression but rather in the states its looks like a space rifle to most uneducated locals and it goes w/ my story incase I get into the question traps....

anyhow, I hope all is well w/ eveyone in thier particular area of the world..If you wish to learn more about what I do the link is on my profile..

PS, my location is Little Britain because every single town on my side of the state is named after a town in the UK. Even the County I live in is named directly after a county in the UK...I even do my EnE training on land once owned by John Smith that he bought from the Linape Indians way way back inthe day..

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