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Originally Posted by moderatesniper View Post
Who the fuck sends their own kid to jail? I don't mean to bring out the Stereotype Textbook, but I bet the kid will get sued by his parents...because in America you get sued for EVERYTHING.
Hah, i know kids who should be, and i'm pretty sure their parents have thought about it.

Kids are NOT dumb, and these days they know they are untouchable. I know kids who hit their parents, if their parents ground em they just sneak out, hell even "borrow" the family car (while underage). They know the cops are just gonna slap em on the wrist and their parents can't do crap due to the whole "touch me, i call childrens aid".

Ground em? That'll work until they just decide to walk outta the house. Can't hit em, and they get locked in their rooms to try to enforce grounding, they can pull unlawfull confinement charges on their parents.

Hell, i'm surprised we haven't had many lawsuits or the like from kids who were "emotionally damaged" by their parents yelling at them, or not giving them 50$ so they could buy "blah blah" clothes to fit in. Not being able to fit in with the popular crowd is very damaging to ones self esteem after all.

And at the WORST, if it DOES look like the cops are gonna charge em (like the kid in this particular article that shot his mom), just blame it on a video game, they make EXCELLENT scapegoats =) The poor child didn't know any better, he was just emulating what he saw in a video game

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