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Review - KSC Sig Pro 2009

KSC Sig Pro 2009 Heavy Weight Hard Kick Review
TW Version

June 20th, 2007


Only one review for this gun actually exists (as it would appear) that can be found on Airsoft Core, so I’ve decided to add another reviews and opinion that you can absorb.

Airsoft Core Review Here:

It’s been years since I’ve first fell in love with the Sig Pro series of pistols some years ago. Only recently have I gotten the chance to purchase one. At the time, the only Sig series handguns that were in existence were Tanaka’s P226 and 228 lineups. The KSC Sig Pro series is one of the least common GBB’s that I have see in airsoft collections to date. My reasoning behind it stems from the fact that KSC’s Sig Pro 2340 was quite possibly one of the most underpowered and unreliable guns they offered. Past Sig Pros suffered from sluggish blowback, low power and other problems which led this series to doom. These issues immediately turned people off the SP2340, those that still have the gun typically have a non working unit, or a gun they have to constantly keep putting work into just to keep running. Spare parts were few and far between, however parts availability today is a lot more than it ever used to be. Metal slides are once again available in a variety of flavors thanks to Shooters Design who released several metal slide sets for the Sig Pro series back at the beginning of this year. UNCompany stock Sig Pro series replacement parts for those wanting to repair or enhance their older models. All parts are interchange able between models, and brands (KWA and KSC).

About 4 years ago KSC revised their Sig Pro series, and replaced the 2340 with the 2009. The only differences between the two are the caliber (.40 SW vs 9mm). And with the introduction of both a hard kick blowback system and heavyweight frame and slide the 2009 was born.

KSC’s Sig Pro Lineup

SP2340 XM13 Delta Trial (Limited to 1200 Units), (Hybrid Barrel and Slide System, Rail Adaptor)
SP2009 GSG9 (Limited to 1000 Units), (Ported Slide and Barrel)
SP2009 (Heavy Weight, Hard Kick)

Other Available Models

KWC SP2022 Springer

Service History

The SIG Pro is used by the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), as well as a number of other law enforcement agencies worldwide.

In 2003, French law enforcement agencies (including Gendarmerie, Police Nationale and customs) adopted the SP 2022 to replace the Beretta 92G and some older pistols. A total of 250, 000 of the SP 2022 have been ordered by France.
The SIG Pro is also used by the Swiss Military Police and in trials for being the future standard Swiss army pistol, replacing the SIG P220.

More here:

Opening The Box

KSC presents this gun in a SP2340 box with box art straight out of the late 80s. Upon opening the box you’ll find the standard fare white Styrofoam packaging, hop tool, loading rod, spare BB’s and manual. The included manual is also from the SP2340, and sports a blue insert which shows how to operate the new hop system versus the old slot styled type.

Weight and Feel

The gun alone just looks heavy sitting on the table in front of you. You don’t even have to pick it up to know that it has weight. This gun weights in at a hefty 815g, about 100 grams heavier than the real loaded SP2009. However so, this weight is extremely well distributed and can stand on its own if you place it on a table. The gun is so perfectly weighted that it just feels ‘right’ when you hold it. Pointing the gun was almost natural and instinctive due to its weight distribution and comfortable fat grips. As per the physical size; it is about the same size as a P228 or USP Compact, some people look at pictures and think it’s either tiny or huge but really it’s quite an averaged sized pistol, but still not the best choice for concealed carry.

Build Quality and Construction

As you should expect KSC releases some of the most beautifully made and most realistic gas blowbacks on the market next to Western Arms. This SP2009 is no exception and quite honestly might be the most realistic and finely crafted GBB I have ever seen or owned out of the 35+ guns that have cycled through my hands over the years. The heavyweight material brings an amazing matte black finish to the lower frame and slide unlike any I have seen before. It is smooth and cool to the touch. The trademarks on the frame are very deeply engraved while adding that great sense of realism to the gun. The slide also made of heavyweight material is very finely finished along with nicely etched engravings. The frame itself has very faint seam running down the middle, probably the least I’ve seen on any cast plastic gun by KSC. Finished off with the appropriate ribbing, and a stippled back strap this gun is an absolutely joy to hold and stare at. KSC completely out did themselves on the build of this pistol. This gun feels like a gun when you hold it, and by all means does not feel or look toyish by any stretch of the imagination like some other replicas I have held.

Metal Bits?

Standard fare on almost all KSC guns is a metal slide release, decocking lever, mag release, trigger, hammer, sights, and magazine. Finishing is a bit rough on the slide release and decocking lever.


The trademarks on this gun are almost all re-created correctly. On the left side frame of the gun you will find a deeply engraved Sig Arms logo and the words “Frame made of Synthetic resin”. On the right side of the frame are the words “Read Manual Before Use” which is present on the real steel and on the underside is a silver serial number plate with the numbers “SP0001447” followed by a proof symbol and an “N” . The slide sports the words “SIG SP 2009” and “9mm para” on the chamber. The back strap sports the words “Sig ProŽ” in nice big letters. The magazine itself is rather bland and does have the Sig Arms logo on the base plate, along with the typical bullet count going up the side. Japanese versions of the magazine have full Sig trademarks.

To summarize it the trademarks look excellent with the questionability of the words “Frame made of Synthetic resin”. On almost all pictures of a real 2009 it has always said “Frame made in Switzerland”. Unless this both wordings were used, correct me if I am wrong. KSCs latest gun the Sig P226R says “Frame made with Rail” on the side if that’s any indicator.

Appearance and Build Issues

What can I say, this gun is almost flawless. The frame and slide are a beautiful flat black, smoothly finished with almost no visible seam lines. The metal additions are a bit rough in finishing compared to the real steel but they still look good. The only one ‘issue’ is that the slide rattles when you shake the gun back and forth without a magazine installed. But I don’t see that as an actual issue anyways because there is no reason why you should be shaking it back and forth anyways.

Function and Action

Now to the fun part, let’s talk about how the gun works and how to operate it properly.

The Magazine

To eject the magazine, simply press the triangle magazine release and the mag will drop. The button is a tad bit hard to press so make sure you press it all the way. The magazine release much like the M9 series can be reversed for left handed shooters it appears. The construction and build of this magazine itself resembles that of the real steel very nicely. What is interesting about this magazine is that the output valve is protected by a metal plate that sits behind it which the striker hits. To charge the magazine with gas all you have to do is flip it over, and fill it up for a few seconds. The base plate doesn’t need to be removed to charge the gas. To load the bb’s all you have to do is simply push the bb’s in from the front and in. Unfortunately there isn’t a follower that allows you to just dump bb’s in. One downfall is that you cannot monitor your current ammo consumption so you must remember how many shots you have fired because you don’t want to be caught in the middle of a big firefight without any ammo! The magazine needs to click into place, so make sure it does upon reinserting. Now since it does require a bit more ‘force’, reloading while being stealthy will let out an audible CLICK that could give your position away. So hold the magazine button in while inserting if you want to avoid being heard.

Lock and Load

After you slam the magazine into the gun you are ready to roll. Pull the slide back all the way until you hear that satisfying click then release it. Alternatively you can pull the hammer back manually for the added coolness factor but it wont fire using that method which kind of disappoints me. You will know if the gun is engaged because the hammer will be in its down position. As a side note, the de-cocker does work and will fully de-cock the gun unlike their USP series which can still fire after the fact. Just drop the de-cocking lever all the way down with your thumb and release it. The hammer should now be disengaged. Now back on topic, once the gun is cocked the trigger will have moved backwards into its ready position. Toss on your goggles, point the gun in a safe direction and fire. You will find that the gun is accurate and offers very nice snappy blowback. Whatever KSC did, they fixed what was wrong with their ill fated 2340. I have yet to chronograph the gun, but the performance is pretty good thus far, and looks like it has the potential to be an excellent backup or primary for indoor use especially if upgraded. But I will reserve my comments until further testing has been done before I can fully comment on the performance.

The Safety

The only un-realistic addition to this gun is a manual safety which by Japanese law must exist on all airsoft replicas even if the real steel counterpart does not have one. The manual safety is engaged by pushing a small pin on the trigger which deploys a small metal piece that prevents the trigger from being pulled back all the way. Its sometimes hard to deploy, and once deployed annoying as hell to get back in. You can wrap some black tape around the trigger so you won’t ever have to worry about accidental deployment. Alternatively you could just remove it anyways.


Disassembly is very straight forward, as with owners of USP Compacts and the 1911 pistol series you will find the take down is similar. All you have to do is pull the slide back until the slide notch lines up with the beginning of the slide release. One aligned just hold the slide steady, and with your other free hand push the pin outwards. Sometimes it requires a slight hard push to pop it out. Once removed you just have to push the slide forwards and off the frame. The recoil spring, and barrel pop out very simply and are straight forward to reassemble. Adjusting the hop can be done here, just grab your hop tool and align the teeth and turn it left or right depending on the way your BB’s are traveling. The hop can also be adjusted with the slide on, and I recommend doing it this way so you can shoot and adjust accordingly.

Currently Available Upgrades and Accessories

At the beginning of this year Shooters Design released an entire series of Sig Pro slides (SP2340, SP2340 Delta Trial XM13, SP2009, and SP2022). These slides are 7075 milled aluminum and come in either a brilliant silver or matte black finish. With the quality of Shooters slides I know for a fact this will definitely polish off the look to your Sig Pro. No cheap zinc alloy slides to be found here!

If it’s a power upgrade you are looking for HurricanE manufactures a hi flow kit consisting of a high flow valve and enhanced recoil spring and rod which would be an excellent addition to this gun. TN tightbores are also available to give your pistol added accuracy. Availability of original replacement parts is rather good, as you’ll find quite a selection at UNCompany. It’s a good feeling knowing that if the pistol does fail in one way or another, it’s probable that a replacement part can be purchased. Parts are cross compatible between series as well.

Now this particular model does not have an under rail mount adaptor, however real steel adaptors fit as well as Sig’s Power Point slim line laser or light module which is manufactured by Laser Devices. The particular unit will run you close to $400 USD. It looks bad ass, but will put a huge dent in the wallet. However so, either of these parts are hard to come across.

Laser Devices Sig Pro Laser


Lets just say, if you ever get a chance to buy one of these for any reason… just do it. You will never encounter another GBB that feels and looks as amazing as KSC’s SP2009 Heavyweight. Stunning looks, feel and function in a compact frame make this a worth while purchase for use on the field or collection sakes. It has power and range typical to your average stock KSC Glock right out of the box and with metal slides and power upgrades available there is no excuse not to purchase one. Now this might not be a pistol you should purchase as a primary given the previous track record of this series, but as an addition to your already growing airsoft family I can ceterainly recommend this gun.

Purchasing Information

This gun can be purchased at A&A surplus and various upgrades such as metal slides can also be ordered through Airsoft Parts Canada which is manned by Jugglez when he does his monthly UNCompany orders. (Search 2340 or 2009)

Additional higher resolution pictures can be found here:

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