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Originally Posted by Skat0r View Post

my friend told me that using green gas for my beretta m92f wasnt good and that i should use duster it true?! green gas is to strong for a plastic gun?
Hes right. I didn't really know either but I decided to google it and came up with a thread on some extreme-tactics site. heres a few quotes:

Ba aware that TM gas guns, like all Japanese-manufactured guns, are designed to run on duster gas, and not propane (like XT uses). You will break your slide sooner using propane, unless you upgrade to a metal slide and enhanced hammer/recoil springs and spring guide.
Or you could just use duster...
You don't have to use propane. Gun's made for duster anyways.
Then you wouldn't need to spend so much extra to use it, you could even wait then and rig it up for propane later.
Hope that helps

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