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Discharge of Firearm

under municiple bylaws... pretty much Ontario wide is illegal and subject to a fine.
Firearm is defined as "anything that fires a shot or projectile" under most of the bylaws ( they have pretty much adopted common wordings in most municipalities that I have looked into )

This means that a slurpy straw shooting a wadded up napkin bit is a firearm in most municipalities... and shooting a rubber band at someone is illegal.

You have to go outside of municiple limits to find a place where you can shoot.. I think this is the trouble the Mississauga LOW field bumped into.. because they were contravening a bylaw .. their liability coverage would have been nulified..

I looked into this when setting up FTF outside of ACTON.. had a sit down with the chief by law officer for Halton, and the Staff Sargent of Halton regional Police... we pulled out the maps and the bylaws and confirmed that conducting military simulation using replica firearms was an approved use for the land.....

This is also .. by the way, why most Paintball fields are outside of town limits.. but as municipalities grow.. we may see some of our favorite fields come under municiple bylaw exclusions for discharge of "firearms" and be forced to close...
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