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Originally Posted by Dark-Angel View Post
2 things, first there arent firearms, since to be qualified as a fire arm, there needs to be an explosion to propel the projectiel. Seconde airsoft is illegal from what the police say? can some one enlighten me, cause is it just me or the police a like blind mice that say : well mr we got our self some thing that looks like a firarm, nothing looks like a firearm then a firearm, so it must be it. so lets press all the charges we can that are related to firearms.
OR! You have city by-laws with their OWN definitions of what classifies as a fire-arm discharge with in city limits.

Ottawa City Fire-arm Discharge By-Law NO. 2002-344

"firearm" means any class or type of gun or other firearm including a shotgun, rifle, air-gun, spring-gun, long-bow or cross-bow;
If the device is used to injure people, it will not matter where it is or what it was, it will be deemed a "weapon". If you use a pencil to stab your neighbor because he/she got an A+ on their special ed test, the police will take the "weapon" into custody as evidence, not the "pencil". Heck if you use an elastic band in an attempt to injure someone it will be deemed a weapon!

Even if all these air-guns were just your local CT stuff all UNDER 500FPS, and the device was discharged it will still classify itself as a fire-arm in city limits. If the thing is turned on someone it will be deemed a weapon. So! We learn that you don't shoot in your back yard, you don't shoot at your local park, and you don't make the device visible to the public in ANY fashion as no matter WHAT you do it may appear a threat to someone and next thing you know, SWAT comes along with their 9mm rounds and don't call their hits! ((But you will ))

Anyway, with light of all the recent activities from pellet guns and paintball guns in the city of Ottawa I do not foresee a long period of time to wait before both are banned with in city limits, and not just the discharge of them. There have been I think 6 people shot and permanently injured from paint balls to the face this year already. A few kids with pellet guns, one of which being at a school.

When are we going to ban pollen, thats what I want to know; that shit causes more grief than ANYTHING else! :smack:

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