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Well the weekend before last, we had a a big operation (the once in a while games that are more milsim based, complex rules, teams firesquads etc) the weekend before last, and about 40-45 people came out. Just skirmishing days can be anywhere from 6-30. AFAIK, all the players here are great people, we never worry about intentional cheating or general being an asshat, and it's everyone's willing to help you out with stuff.

As far as looking for guns, for the next little while you'll be able to rent/borrow, as lots of guys have many guns.

Here's the main boards for Southern Sask:

Both have a classifieds section, once you get age verified, you can look for guns there. (contact Arnisador on PDWsquad, or here on ASC, he does it in Regina I believe).

Welcome to the sport!
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