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Who the fuck sends their own kid to jail? I don't mean to bring out the Stereotype Textbook, but I bet the kid will get sued by his parents...because in America you get sued for EVERYTHING.

"You stepped on my sidewalk, give me $500 000 000! Or I'll send your ass to hell and back again!"

"You threatened me, I'm gonna sue you back for $600 000 000!"

"I saw this sue-fest between two men on the street, I was emotionally damaged by it all, I'm going to sue them both for $700 000 000"

"Someone made reference to a "fest" which brought back old memories of an orgy I once attended in college, I'm suing them for everything they've got!"

"I never attended college, you are getting sued!"

"I'm not getting anything, and I have nothing to do with this argument, but I'm going to sue you anyways!"

Fucking people these days...

on a lighter note: this kid should have his airsoft/clearsoft taken away and be grounded for a month.
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