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touché. But I saw in one of his post that he specifically pointed out near the end about airsoft organizations (too lazy to open it again). I think if he wants to comment about airsoft and about organizations as well he should find out a little more. Personally I think it's very widely known that if (I'll use this site as a example) you drive down the street videotaping you and your friends with your airsoft uzi hanging out the window of your speeding car while you shoot pedestrians, you would be banned ASAP. no questions. never mind that you would never be allowed to attend a airsoft function as long as you breathe. Now I don't know where this guys from or what the clubs in his area are like. But it seems he spends a fair bit of time on the internet. So maybe instead of accusing all airsofters and mentioning even clubs in general as being gansta wannabe's, he should gather his facts a little better. What makes me most mad is it's soccer mom's and numerous other people with unknowledgable opinions causing airsoft to be pushed to the point that dealers are being shut down and airsoft in canada is taking more shit then it deserves. The irrational actions of few, the oppression of many.

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