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Bottom line, if you are so inclined to import airsoft, make sure you are clean shaven, well dressed, and have a clean vehicle. I would suggest placing the item under the back seat, or between the trunk liner and rear fender. Searches of vehicles are rare. A clean newer model vehicle is helpful. Be calm, remember the worst thing they will likely do is seize the item. The average CCRA agent is more concerned with alcohol and tobacco seizures. Airsoft is really low on the radar.
- Be polite, have all of your documents up to date and in order.
-Take a girl with you, a couple travelling is less suspicious.
-Truthfull answers are delivered quickly, Tell them you were at a local mall or other location that will be Known to the agent.
- Pick a busy time to cross the border, when the line is a mile long they will not be able to give each person much attention. Sunday afternoons returning to Canada is the best!
-Eye contact is important, look the agent in the eye, use hand gestures that suggest openess, do not wear sunglasses or be on a cellphone
-Make sure your trunk is empty and clean. Some agents will ask you to open the trunk, a clean trunk is rarely searched.
-be cordial, polite, but not over friendly.
- CCRA training is not great. They rely heavilly on sterotypes, basic pleasantries, a clean vehicle and appearance is usually all it takes to bring in whatever you want.
Sounds like a good way to end up in jail! The airsoft gun getting seized is not the worst that can happen, try fines, seizures of your vehicle, and even jail time. :smack:
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