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Originally Posted by Blitz1 View Post
If you can't confirm the tracking number yourself it sounds a little suspicious.
Hey I'm not too sure what you mean here, I'm not the one getting the tracking # from Canada Post, he is.

Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
Yea, I'm inclinded to agree. A lot of stupid shit has been happening with CP -thier service is getting retardedly unreliable. A laptop I ordered from Future Shop got "lost" around Christmas.
Thanks you guys, I don't mean to accuse him of anything but it just seems to me like he has taken my money and not sent me anything. I've been told by my friend that works at a Canada post office that without the ticket you receive in the mail and ID you cannot pick up a package, so either they gave him the wrong tracking number or he sent me that one to shut me up. It would be nice to hear from Conscript and try and figure something out like actually sending the weesatch & battery or give me a complete refund.
- Kurtis.
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