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10 signs that you might be a noob......

My brother sent me this link just now, and I found it amusing enough to share it with you all. It was originally posted on the forums by Loki. So all credit/blame should go to him.

First off, let me begin by saying that these are general occurrences, and are not in reference to any particular person or incident. If you believe that you might be a noob, and are easily offended, go away, and don't read this.

With that said, I give you the top 10 signs you might be a noob.

10. You post a thread asking about peoples opinions of a gun, then get pissed off that they think you're a noob, then you proceed to insult them due to that fact.

9. You ask the question "What is the best AEG for under $50(or $100)".

8. You scoff at people and call them "elitist" for buying real tactical gear and good guns, then wonder why your "affordable" gear falls apart.

7. You show up to airsoft games and try to grab others' gear or guns without asking them.

6. You call magazines "clips".

5. You ask how you can upgrade your Cyma/Cybergun AEG, then get angry when told that it can't be done.

4. You send off applications and requests to join every airsoft team in your area without ever having played.

3. You think Classic Army is the most original company to ever make AEGs.

2. You think Tokyo Marui is pronounced "To-kee-oh Mao-ri".

-and now, for the number one sign that you might be a noob......

1. You think Cybergun makes the best airsoft products available.

Here is the link to the original in case you are interested.
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