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Anderson&Anderson issue.

I bought a KSC USP .45 from Mark Anderson on the 30th of May, 2007.
The email sent to me said that the item was suppose to arrive on June the 7th, 2007.
My credit card was charged on 30th of May.

No item ever came.
I have been contacting him and sending him emails everyday.

No response.

Credit card still charged. No refund issued. No gun.

I bought stuff off of him before, he answered to en email usually, within a few hours and stuff came to my door withing 4 or 5 days.

This time - NOTHING.

I'm wondering if he got busted by CBSA.
If anyone has his contact or can contact him or knows anything, please let me know.

He's a very reputable dealer, but even if he did get busted or something, or ANYTHING, he should at least reply to my concerns.

Thanks to all.
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