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AquaMarine: Haha no it is an raffle, no one in Winnipeg has one of these

Gryphon I would agree that he went a little to robocop on this one, He could have went for more of a molle system and allowed inserts for conventional ceramic plates, incorporated a hydration system and definitely went a different direction with the Helmet, incorporated more conventional necessities. The magnetic holsters could easily have been replaced with a Black hawk style holster and maybe he should have payed more attention to carrying gear and incorporating future soldier technology. Lol there are definitely huge problems for military application, but I really would just love to see what he thinks of next, maybe it won't surpass current military technology but you know it will be cool that is definitely worth the buck for the raffle anyways

Lol though I don't think anyone on the forum really has the right to make fun of him....hahaha we run around and play military with aegs that shoot little white bbs. It is cool it is fun, but if you step back we are just having fun with cool toys
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