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Hahah Amos It is being sold as memorabilia, have you ever watched project grizzly dude

YouTube - Troy Hurtubise: Project Grizzly

He was selling it on E-bay before along with the recipe and rights for his ballistic foam, it did not meet his reserve. Though if anyone has seen project Grizzly I am certain he knows a thing or two about ballistics. He has been doing this since the 80's even made fireproof paste...

Lol why would you need the ballistics any ways, airsoft is about costumes and fun. This is a fun unique cool costume.

No need for Ballistics unless you are gonna go all Ned Kelly on us

Edit: Don't we buy and sell replicas all the time on this forum, we just have problems with importing them, and this guy is pure Canuck

Oh yeah for proof he knows how to deal with Ballistics watch this vid

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