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Trojan Armor Suit For Raffle!

Trojan Armor Suit For Raffle!

Starting June 12th,2007 thru Sept.1,2007 there will be a raffle held at:


YouTube - Halo-like Body Armour Demonstration 2

YouTube - Troy Hurtubise II: Project Grizzly goes to war

This guy is from project Grizzly, he has been trying to build a light weight affordable exoskeleton for Canadian and American soldiers. The intention is for it to be light weight full body protection against bullets, blades and bombs.

It looks pretty awesome, and they are auctioning off the proto type, minus the ballistic protection. We all know that the temptation to play bat man would be to much

Anyways, he actually went Bankrupt building the suit. Lost his home, his scrap metal business.. I think that if he had a chance to make some other proto types he could makes something useful and lets face it pretty cool.

So it is a 50/50 raffle for the suit, 1 dollar an entry. So spread the word around, my heart broke when I heard he went bankrupt so I would like to see him continue his work and get back on his feet.

Imagine walking into a game with this baby

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