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Originally Posted by Andres View Post
To my understanding (and anyone can come in and correct me on this one), is that the more "high-end" BB's are biodegradable and are environmentally safe. Such as Airsoft Elite. However, you mentioned ORANGE so I'm guessing you purchased Canadian Tire-ish BB's... I'm thinking that those aren't biodegradable, then again, my knowledge is limited on Canadian Tire BB's... get an industrial forest vacuum?
God help us from people who confuse Cambodia-Tire Soft-Air BBs with Airsoft BBs. Different product, different purpose and application guys. Low velocity basement plinking (soft-air) vs. hobby gaming (airsoft).

The whole BB biodegradability topic has been beaten to death. Bottom line is all BBs are non-toxic and pose little to no danger to the environment or animal life in the quantities that we leave in the outdoor environment. The worst thing is that they are an eyesore in a natural environment.

If you want to pay the premium and buy biodegradable BBs, kudos to you for sticking to a principle and demonstrating that commitment with your wallet, but frankly, if you want to *really* make a difference, drive a hybrid car, turn your air-conditioning off, and/or plant some trees each year to lower your carbon footprint, but don't for a second think you're accomplishing much of anything for the environment by using biodegradable BBs by comparison.
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