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He also has to be at least 16.

He states that he is under 16, and I know that 99% of the host's will not accept anyone under 16 to their games no matter if they are all of the 10 points listed.

Too Ali: Its not that we don't want you playing, its a mix of liability/legal matters and the fact that, hey, in Canada, airsoft is pretty much reserved for the older crowds unlike the US/UK were any Tom, Dick and Harry can play.

Its also 3 times more expensive (quite literally) then the US/UK and most of the World, due to our laws.

My recommendation for your, as a accepted under 18 player here, wait until minimum 16/17. During that time save up for an AEG and have fun buying gear. Its worked for me, my father owns my AEG until I'm 18 and I have more gear then a lot of the airsofters I play with.


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