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Originally Posted by Ace of Spades View Post

Here in Toronto, there is a large amount of airsofter (or airsoft games, or airsoft stuff... not too sure), but as far as I know, there is not much for those under 16.

Ok now for me.
1. No there is not retailers that are selling guns in Toronto, yet alone Ontario.
2. There are not places near Toronto that will accept under 16 years old to play. I, being 17 is pushing it, but for under 16, pretty much no way in hell.
i know of at least one place that might make an exception given hes got these going for him

1 1 of his 2 parents are airsofters.
2 He has proven hes mature.
3 He asks the hosts very very very nicely.
4 When and if he dose play his guardian will be there playing as well.
5 He is mature when a hard situation arises.
6 His parents own the gear he uses.
7 He has pashents(some one please help with this word meaning to wait) with people.
8 He doesn't make him self out to be a problem.
9 He doesn't do something really really stupid like some one who's going unnamed.
10 He calls his hits.

Might take him a good 6 months to get on his feet here but its posible.
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