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I've got a few good light tricks up my sleeve, mostly for CQB. A favourite on is to leave a taclight on a surface aiming down a corridor while I stand guard from a different postion. The light provides illumination and an obvious target. Opponents usually end up firing at the unmanned light and I get to fire on them b/c the light is blinding them and providing good illumination for me (it's directional so I'm not very well lit).

Another trick I like is to fight with a free light. I like to be a jerk and cover a corner with the free light and aim the pistol at the same corner. After awhile I pan the light over and sometimes someone decides it's safe to look out and try to pot the guard. Little do they realize that my pistol is still aimed at the corner and it's still illuminated by the light halo.

My pistol RDS is environment adaptable. When the area I'm aiming at is bright, the dot is bright. When it's dark, the dot dims. That way I've always got a good dot picture whether I'm blinding someone or not. Always being able to see my dot and being able to make someone else's dot disappear is a small advantage.
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