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Originally Posted by Deftonius View Post
hahah like that time at Foxden a couple years back when TC showed up in his cruiser just 'cause he was in the area, I was there holding an AK and I was just like "oh....fuck...." Then a second later "Oh ok, I know that guy"

Still to this day, I can't get the shit stains out of those undawears.

Exactly like that! Hehe, at one point TC was asking me upgrade questions about his new APS2 sniper rifle, I gave him a list of what all to get based upon my M24 upgrades, he got them but aside from that I wasn't able to say HOW to install some of it because I have yet to work on an APS2 (most parts between the two are interchangable). So, I pointed him the direction of Shagg......................

Shagg messages me one day following, said he had a good surprise, doorbell rings, he sees a police cruiser parked out front of his parents place, opens the door................ TC, in uniform, with a rifle case in hand asking for help upgrading his APS2!!! LMFAO
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