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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
My thoughts exactly! I can name (but I won't) at least three police officers that I've played with/against regularly in the past couple years. Heck, a fellow officer of one of them showed up to the staging area between games in his police cruiser to visit on a Saturday, was interested in the airsoft guns (even fired off the M249 from his trunk). Cops are warey of airsoft for obvious reasons, but in private and controlled areas like where responsible persons play, they feel comfortable and show a lot of interest in the guns and the game, and ask about the legality of them.
hahah like that time at Foxden a couple years back when TC showed up in his cruiser just 'cause he was in the area, I was there holding an AK and I was just like "oh....fuck...." Then a second later "Oh ok, I know that guy"

Still to this day, I can't get the shit stains out of those undawears.
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