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Originally Posted by Shrike View Post
MadMax said "horsecock" in this thread.

I didn't really understand the question but regarding lights at night:

The big ass spotter beam works well and lights up your targets from aeg range or greater. Personally I hate using a flashlight ever, even camping. Your eyes adjust. (some nights are dark enough ya might have to though)

I don't use one but I've seen gun tac lights used effectively as well.

MadMax said "horsecock"....I did read that right?
It's a technical term for a very heavy gauge of cable for transmitting a lot of power. Devices running on 240V or more or even HV multiphase need some pretty impressive cables.

Wait until you work in a machine shop and have to wire up a big CNC machine. Horsecock wire, orifaces, reamers, grease nipples. Heavy industry people can be a bunch of dirty old men.

Back on topic, even low grade NV can provide a definitive edge in a night game if most players have no NV. Truth is it can ruin a game. Half the fun of night play is not being able to see very well. You have to rely on your hearing and pick your way patiently and quietly. Sure it's fun varmint shooting being the only NV equipped player, but it's like playing in the day time against Ray Charles. Flashlights at least come with the cost of being very obvious.
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