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Ok so I went down to the ghost town today during the rain and snapped some pics. I will be creating a website along with a map for people to see what the area generally looks like. Some of the buildings obviously cannot be entered due to dangers of collapse but those would be marked off with red ribbon. There is also a single piece of private property (unoccupied) which is sort of almost in the middle of the play area which would be ribboned off as well.

Road Down 1 - Single Lane and Kind of steep

Entrance to the gravel pit - This on one side, the ghost town on the other

Looking left in Gravel Pit - Overgrown with trees

Looking right in Gravel Pit - I was standing on the dirt pile at the entrance

One of the many fallen old buildings - Unsafe ones will be ribboned off

One of the many standing buildings - Some still have glass which must be covered for safety reasons - This building is all off by itself next to the one above

Roads are good - Road infront of the building above are like this all throughout the park - to the left is an old cemetary which will be ribboned off as well

Grandstand - just past the cemetary if someone wants a band or show off

Another standing cabin with glass and a locked door

Another collapsed cabin off in the trees - many hidden old buildings and most are not safe to enter though

What is left of the ghost town - just past the grandstand

Close to the river - some of the cabins are within 7 feet of the river bank so players will need to be careful in areas like this

One of the other standing/rebuilt cabins - this is the one closest to the river

Inside the cabin above - cant go into the loft but two of the windows are open for good firing positions - window overlooking the river (not shown) has glass

Another of the many collapsed cabins - must be careful not to push the walls over lol

Another of the rebuilt/standing buildings - Lots of windows and entry points

Inside the cabin above

Another rebuilt/standing building - warning low ceiling lol

Inside cabin above

Another standing building - this one might be off limits though

The Private Property - about 100 feet from the entrance into the gravel pit, between it and the ghost town. Property is only as large as you see in the pic with the lawn. No one lives there.
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