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Originally Posted by MadMorbius View Post
My opinion is that it's a waste of money on a stupid idea, and a solution looking for a problem.

The very premise of the "solution" being proposed is flawed in many ways.

In a night game one of the biggest tactical disadvantages is lack of light.
Experienced players will counter that the biggest tactical advantage in a night game is lack of light (you can't engage what you can't detect).

You also mention a strobe light a few times. I'm not sure who'd be using a strobe, or why, or why you'd want to render it useless? You do understand a strobe is a light which emits a flash at regular intervals, such as the AN/SDU-5/E or MS-2000 distress markers, right?

As others have mentioned, bright lights will mess with your natural night vision. Additionally, bright lights in the wood will cast harsh shadows. Because your pupils are contracting due to the bright light, your ability to see into shadow areas will be virtually nullified. The amount of light sources you'd need to place, even in a small area, would be huge -- and given their limited "burn time" it seems almost futile (think Chinese plate jugglers).

You'd be better off honing your natural night vision, or saving up for a pair of NVGs.
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