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No, Illusion has it right, the tactic you propose is something you have to take up with the game hosts, not the players. You put it right when you said "litter" the field.

I have played games where players have done this, we used them in particular to watch gate entrances to a large command structure. Waiting for shadows to cross the light that we didn't know who was and lit them up from the cover of darkness.

But how well it works doesn't matter, you already think its a great idea/tactic to use so what does it matter what other players have to say if the game Host doesn't want you "littering" their field?

EDIT: Should point out the ones we used were not very bright, had a minor glow to it, and MadMax is right on how it fucked with natural night vision. In defense there was no moon that night and so damned dark you couldn't see your hand 4 inches in front of your nose!

Also, I get the impression your thinking of "milspec" glow sticks like this stuff; . The expense you'd encounter for the "super bright" for them to only last 5 minutes is rediculous. You can get "bright" that last up to 30 min, however, the ones thats are listed to last 8 hours will be just as bright as the ones you get at a dollar store for less.

Another problem is at night games, glow sticks are ussually used to indicate that you are dead! :P

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