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Conventional glow sticks aren't really bright enough to counter a decent flashlight. They may flare a low quality NVS in the immediate vicinity of the glow stick, but they won't do much for a flashlight.

If you've got some uber glow stick which can outshine a Surefire, you've got some kickass product. Chemical glowsticks emanate in all directions so their already low output is diffused over a spherical dist'n. Surefires have pretty powerful emitters focused to a narrow cone. That's pretty tough to outshine unless you're willing to blast much more power in all directions. The only practical thing I can think of that's that energetic is a welders spark or a magnesium flare. Both present a firestarting hazard. One requires access to horsecock electrical cable plugged into a stove outlet.

Dropping a brilliant light source will also have the immediate disadvantage of marking your own position very clearly and probably will illuminate you until you run away from the source. Your own natural night vision would also be wrecked which might complicate your egress. Maybe you'll stomp into a gopher hole right next to your flare.
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