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all research said and done I want an opinion

We all know airsoft is a sport baced on tactical advantage. he who has better tactics aim and Intel(knowing where the enemy is) will be the winner.

In a night game one of the biggest tactical disadvantages is lack of light. What would players opinions be on some one who's "littering" the field with super bright glow sticks. Some being measurable to that of a surefire or rendering a strobe light useless.

What would be your opinions on a player who was "lighting" up the field
some are bright enough to render a strobe light useless.

(And before any one goes on about "is this player cleaning them up" of course he be clearing the field of the used sticks as the operation ends)

I have done a lot of research on glow sticks and light sources that aren't flashlights. But a few last questions can't be answered, because they are locked in the heads of fellow players.
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