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Tokyo Marui H&K G3-SG1 AEG $300 USD?

EDIT: A separate dealer residing IN Canada was selling that MP5

EDIT2: Scratch the whole G3SG1 deal, it's from the US.

To begin with I'm relatively new to the community and to the whole airsoft sport itself.

I was looking around the forums and in the FAQ section someone recommended to get a G3-SG1 as a starter's first gun. I actually like the build of the gun, and the size of it complements my body build. I reside in Toronto, and two days ago sent e-mails to two of the age verifiers so I may access the more "dangerous" parts of the forums.

Haven't gotten a reply yet, and just sent another e-mail to another verifier just a while ago. So instead of waiting for verification, I do a little search myself around the states and found a one-time-used Tokyo Marui H&K G3-SG1 AEG in almost mint condition for $300 USD (around $318 CDN).

In light of this discovery, I have a few questions following this:

First and foremost, is it worth it? I heard Tokyo Marui to airsoft guns was like Porsche to cars. But for its model type, shipping costs (not included), condition and other "ordering over the internet discrepancies" is the cost worth the trouble?

If not (or even if so, tell me regardless), where would I find a better deal online? (Doesn't HAVE to be Tokyo Marui, I believe as a beginner I shouldn't be shelling out bucks for a gun like that anyways).

As well, another classified's (craigslist) dealer is selling a CM.023 MP5 for $105 with S/H included, again, is it a good starter's weapon and is it worth it?

I've read many posts on this forum, but none of them gave me a good "idea" how to match quality and price together.

Thanks in advance to everyone who replies,

Joseph Wong

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