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ive ordered two aegs from mark in the last two weeks,, CA scar (black), and a slr 105 full steel,, the website is updated instantaneously.

previous to that i bought a bunch of tm .45s, (9mm is a gun you reload but ala chow yun fat a .45 you just drop and grab another), from him and the same thing, website updates as you buy so i dont understand about other peoples problems.

my scar was late compared to previous purchases because canada post has decided its time to be slow about things for some reason,, and id expect about as much time, ( or whatever gonernment slackers want to call it), to get my CA slr,, but thats really not the biggest worry when dealing with airsoft is it??.

if asked, and i am by people im trying to get infected in the sport, i give a&a the toppest marks, ( no pun intended), for airsoft service and product.

thegreenman,, aka lykurgus on the asc forums,, aka pat hardy who gets messed in hobbies like this from time to time.
age verifier for the east kootenays.,, 100% canadian, online airsoft retail badass. ,, 30% off games-workshop miniatures...
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