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I have done a few things with 007 over my airsoft carrear, and haven't really had any problems with his service. About my only gripe with 007 is the prices he has listed up on his products. They aren't in stock, and that should tell people something. Some of his prices he has listed havn't been updated in years, so they are a little on the super pricey side of things because of that. And alot of people will look at that and say that Ken will charge you an arm and a Kidney for a gun, but this really is not the case. I thought I should perhaps clear up a bit of confusion about that.

Oh, and I wouldn't buy a battery from him, his battery prices he has listed are current. I don't care how good of quality the cells could be in them, they are over priced.

I guess I had more then one gripe after all.

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