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Well, Since my origional order with them for my pair of Pro-Win Mech boxes and some pouches and odds and ends, and having them come in 3 seperate shipments all using UPS, who as you should know, Ream us for broakrage fees. All said, for the shipping after I had payed Evike, it was almost doubled with what I had to pay UPS. Since then, they have actually totally revamped there website and there online shopping system. I, in a moment of weakness, Put in another order with them, for a couple cheap things that if they didn't get here, I could easily live with. I am happy to say that things worked out perfectly and smoothly. I have since done several orders from them, and with the exception of them still using UPS as there courer service agents, have been quite satisfied with there level of service. I have had to deal with them on the phone, both with my first order (Many times) and with one of my newer orders regarding an exact part that I needed (2 calls) and can say that there customer service has imporved greatly. After the absolute crap that I had to go through on my first order, for me to be saying anything at all positive about there service should say something. They even now have a online order checking page that tells you atleast a little bit about what the hell is going on with your order. I would tell everyone up here in Canada that you should defently pay with paypal, as it seems that is all they accepts still for international orders. I personally wouldn't bother with the time, effort, headachs involved with there ebay store autions however. I do use ebay, but there pages have always set off a red light in my head.

As to the shipping, I have a package comming right now that they charged me ~$15 US for, but I know I will end up paying alot more for the shipping on it, but the money won't be going to Evike atleast, it will be going to UPS, split up into Government Charges, Entry Freping, Disbursement fees, Brokerage charges, and the GST put on all of those. UPS really does rape you in there extra charges, and they of course expected when they drop off your package. Evike does claim to ship small things using USPS (much more preferable in my books) but with this order even when requested to use USPS they still shipped it with UPS. That is probably my biggest gripe with Evike now. All in all, I have to say that they have really gotten there shit togeather and turned there buisness practice around, which I am very happy about, because no-one should have to put up with the crap that I did with my first order.

I call them as I see it. Take your own opinion of them and do/think what you will, I am just informing of what they are like now. Take it however you want.

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