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Originally Posted by roughshadow View Post
Hate to say it I miss graylocks. He was so mean and nasty and kept the idots that didnt do their homework at bay. Then let the nice responcible 15-18 year olds stay unharmed and almost protected those select individuals.
At some point you have to draw the line between a constructive kick in the ass and someone just using this venue as a way to rage at people. At a certain point Greylock's posts were so predictable you didn't need Greylocks anymore... in fact, I don't believe in Greylocks, I think he was an ASC bot that went viral and infected the board... it would explain the omniprescence thing anyways.

Originally Posted by Phalanix View Post
While Scarecrow make a good point, I don't think it was going to be limited to ASC membership only. There are a lot of good players that aren't on here (or at least anymore) and I'm sure word of mouth would've been past on. Or maybe I misunderstood what Jay was saying..?
Oh okay. I thought you meant exactly what was posted and that was to use the membership system here as a game signup and restrictive mechanism, ie: you don't have an ASC account or your banned, you don't play. If thats not what was meant then I misunderstood.

The idea of having a central system for game hosting has always appealed to me, however, I think it would have to be independent of a dboard and its politics. I am not against banning certain kinds of people from games for unsanctioned behavior (far from it, witness the latest problem at one of our games that came out a week later), I just would want it to be based on unsafe or a violation of communally agreed to rules. OASA was an attempt to do that to some degree and it got support but I then gave up on it after a rather noobish incident with a bunch of noobs that torpedo'd a summer's worth of work for me - and yes, I am still very bitter about that one and I won't let it go no matter how much of a broken record I sound like.

However, Phalanix, if your goal is a reunion of sorts, hold just that. But you'd have to plan it plenty in advance and make it appealing enough for people who've gone lukewarm on the sport to want to come to it - part of the reason many are not around is simply that their interest has waned over time. Not much you can do about that. I often meet old players over beers totally outside of airsoft and we often enjoy a 'you remember when' moment, so for those who I really enjoyed the company of they are always a phone call away and I have yet to have someone tell me they're not interested in having a beer one afternoon.
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